Dr. Andrew Woo Testimonials

Testimonials About Hartsdale Dentist, Dr. Andrew Woo

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Hartsdale, New York. Read what our patients are saying about Hartsdale Dental Care below.


Dr. Woo is a caring and knowledgeable dentist. He heads a modern, state of the art dental practice. His staff is efficient and friendly. If you are looking for a gentle, comfortable, and unhurried dental office, then I highly recommend Hartsdale Dental Care.

- C.M.

Thank you for taking the time to teach me about dentistry. I learned so much about the industry as well as myself. And you inspired me to further follow my dream!
Vincent C.

- Vincent C.

This place is just awazing! Dr Woo is great and the staff are very professional. I had my wisdom teeth removed recently and felt no pain during the procedure and after. Hours after my surgery Dr Woo called me to make sure I was feeling ok. I can definately say Dr Woo and his staff really care about their patients.

- Rachel K.

Dr. Woo was very pleasant, professional and competent in his work as was his staff. I was very pleased with the service and already have made an appointment for my next cleaning

- Joan R.

Loved my visit w/ Dr. Woo. He and his team were very attentive and personable.

- Melissa W.

I have been looking for a good dentist for a long time. With good luck I found Hartsdale Dental Care. Dr. Woo is the best dentist I ever had. I will never see another dentist again!!! His work is outstanding, all in a relaxing and calm atmosphere!!! I’m so grateful for all you have done to restore my confidence.
Thank you Dr. Woo,
P.S. Thank you to your most wonderful office assistants!!

- Rene Lopez

Dr. Woo has been my Dentist since 2008 and I am very pleased with all the dental work done by Dr. Woo. Dr. Woo is an excellent, knowledgeable, thorough Dentist and does high quality work. I had two dental implants done by Dr. Woo, which, are beautiful and feel great! Dr. Woo and his staff are very professional, kind and courteous. I would highly recommend Dr.Woo.

- Denise T.

I write this endorsement with the utmost of enthusiasm and confidence. Dr. Andrew Woo is a rare breed. He is a kind soul who cherishes his family and the community at large. Dr. Woo works long hours serving his patients yet he finds time to give back to the community around him. He is always involved in some philanthropic project regarding the elderly, homeless and people with special needs. He is compassionate and caring and is focused on his civic responsibility.
Dr. Woo is a resident of Westchester County. He is committed to the growth and development of Westchester and the Hudson Valley. He is happily married to his best friend Sue and has two beautiful children who attend our public schools.
I write this endorsement of Dr. Woo as a dental professional who has served the dental community for twenty years.
Dr. Woo is a progressive and conservative doctor at the same time. He offers a multitude of services under one roof to accommodate his patients busy life styles. Dr. woo is an avid student of the field of dentistry and is always attending a seminar or growing his skills set so he can offer the latest Cosmetic procedures, Dental Implants and Orthodontics to his happy patients. I know of few doctors with his passion, dexterity, clinical skills and bedside manner.

- Jack A.

Dr.Woo and his staff are very professional and courteous. They give very importance to one on one patient care. I am a physical therapist, and I know how important it is to pay attention to the details. I will recommend Dr. Woo without any hesitation to anyone who is afraid to come to see a dentist.

- Manos Thomas, Physical Therapist

Thank you for all your hard work to give Kurt amazing smile: his teeth are beautiful. Your kindness and generousity is deeply appreciated. You and your family will be in my prayers always.
With warmest regards,

- Veronica L

It was great- I can see why he has such positive ratings! The staff is nice and the office is clean and nicely furnished... Only issue was making appointments can be challenging as he is real busy.

- Verified Patient

I can chew gum again!”, and that’s not even the best part of my new life with secure teeth again, thanks to dental implants.
I can feel the roof of my mouth again after years of wearing a full denture plate on my upper. I absolutely hated dealing with using glue to hold in my upper teeth and not being able to eat real solid foods and taste the flavors of what I could manage to eat. It was awful and barbaric but I thought that was my only option out there once you lost your teeth. I was so embarrassed about not having any teeth that I never told my husband while we were dating and he still didn’t know up until I decided to get the help I needed from Dr.Woo. Having secure teeth again is life changing and feels great! I feel like a normal person again after decades of misery in my denture.
Thanks Dr. Woo for rescuing me!

- Cathy H.

Courteous service, very clean office. Dr. Woo is amazing!

- Margaret A.

Dr. Woo has been my dentist for the past year working on 3 implants. I never had a dentist that does such meticulous and high quality work. He takes pride in his work and is a true perfectionist. Best of all his price is reasonable and affordable!

- H. Lee

The service at this office is very efficient and gives a great family atmosphere.

- Doris B.

Caring and concerned staff provides quality dental care

- James T.

My experience with Dr. Woo has been exceptional. I feel he is an excellent dentist. Very informative and meticulous regarding his work and very personable.

- Joanne G.

Staff is capable, efficient, thoughtful, and considerate.

- Renee S.

We at Vivio Sites have loved working with your clinic to set up your new website. Your entire staff was friendly and supportive, and your committment to providing your patients with the best information and resources is evident.

- Sanjay Shah, Vivio Sites Inc.

As always, amazing

- Verified Patient

For me, benefit is tremendous. Dentures hurt. You can’t eat certain food. You have to put a glue. Yuk!
It is like having your own teeth. Actually my own teeth were terrible before. That’s why I was in the situation.
I was told that I don’t have enough bone for implant. Everyone told me that I don’t have enough bone. I gave up on the idea. The reason I came here is to have mini implants and snap on denture. This is almost having your own tooth. This is wonderful. I didn’t think that I could have one. This is almost like having my own tooth.
It is a lot of money. . . Money is important, but happiness and health is more. Do I want brand new car? New car will be gone in five years. Money is nice. You know. . . Luckly, I made it. I barely made it. But you make do. You make do. Other than the uncomfortable of denture, constant pain and not being able to eat certain food are terrible. In restaurant, you are not be able to eat, little particle of food get in there. I know for people who are okay with it, god bless you. But for me, I just couldn’t wear them.
As far as pain, there was no pain. I didn’t take any medicine. Even when you working on to put the implant in, I didn’t feel any pain. My wife thought that I was crazy to put 9 implant at once. She thought that three first and 4 later, etc. Little uncomfortable. That was all.
Year and half passed. I started April 2012. It is been almost a year that it has been in. I didn’t feel like it took too much time. You were very careful and things are progressing even when we had problem with one implant. It gave me sense of security. I absolutely feel that I got money’s worth.
I don’t care about the hair. Some people spent on hair. I can’t do anything with hair. I read up on internet. I didn’t have any a-ha moment. Only a-ha moment was when I told I could have it. Wow. I could have implant instead mini and snap on denture!
I can’t tell you more. Do it. It is like Nike commercial. Just do it. It is really good. Do you remember that you had teeth? Turn the clock back and like having my own teeth. It is no amount of money. It would have been 50,000. I would’t have liked it, but I would have done it anyway. I got the benefit.
It’s been my pleasure all along.

- Dominique Tambini

He helped me to put the seemingly unsolvable situation that is my mouth into perspective. He has a very knowledgeable staff that seemed eager to answer my questions and help put together a plan for me.

- Verified Patient

Dr. Woo is very kind and personable. He is one of the most thorough dentists I've ever been to. He actually talked with me pretty extensively about my gums hurting and how to resolve the problem. Most doctors don't talk to you for more than 2 minutes.

- Verified Patient

Very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming!

- Sara P

My first appointment from what I see, he's an honest and caring individual. I have to come back for more work so it's to be determined how effective his treatment is but on first impressions, he's fair, reasonably priced, and a kind person. So far, I'm glad I switched.

- Daniel G.

Informative, thorough, and extreme in terms of cost… very reasonable

- Karen B.

He was great

- Elizabeth B.

Best experience I have had in a very long time with a visit to the dentist. Dr Woo and his staff are all very courteous and professional. Office environment very relaxing too

- Glover G.

He was very nice; my son liked him and was very clear with him. Looking forward to his cleaning.

- Clara V.

Thank you for donating your time and services to help some of New York's most vulnerable and undeserved receive the gift of a healthy smile. Your support, generosity, and compassion is greatly appreciated.

- Caroline Montero-NY DDS Coordinator

Dr. Andrew Woo is so kind, gentle and professional. Also staffs are very well trained and friendly to patients. When I visited, everything was perfect except meter parking only near office. I think dentists are everywhere but it's not easy to find a good doctor such as Dr. Woo.

- From Google review
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