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Dental Technologies

How important is technologie to a patient when you choose dentist? Acutally, it is not much important as most patient thinks. Definitely, technology is important and updated equipment is almost basic needs at the dental office. But machine's role stops there. 

Good news is younger dentist out of dental school already knows all the newest technolgy and gadgets that can be fine for 10 years out of school. Often, dentist doesn't even know any orther way to do dentistry than the new way. It is like young people don't know about stick shift to drvie the car.

 As someone famous said, technology is always on the verge of breakthrough but never will substitute the human being. Ever since childhood, I am marveled at the technological advances and technology as well. However, nowsdays, it is not hard to find a dental machine that cost more than 100,000 dollars. Company claims that the technology will deliver superior results. However, often it end up with disappointing results. Results are not as superb as company claims to be. It is just substitute for another. It certainly doesn't make good dentist out of bad dentist. 

What the world needs more in dentistry is not more technology but more trust buiding process.

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