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I Brush Twice A Day, I Don't Have A Pain, And I Don't Like Dentist. What's Wrong With That?

The problem is that mindset will not protect your teeth at all. Comparing to, let's say, in general medicine, you might have a better chance to pull it off if you are truly lucky. For example, "I eat and exercise. I don't have pain, and I don't want to get physical checkup". I don't know any medical doctor who would recommend that. But you might be okay. Unfortunately, in dentisry, there is almost zero chance you will succeed wih that plan.

What's wrong with brush twice a day? It is like boasting that I work 40 hours a week and I am such a hard worker. Actually, brushing twice is what everyone does and there is nothing to brag about. The problem is not about brushing twice a day but most people brush too quick like 55 seconds. But the brusing time has to be there for FULL two minutes for Fluoride(real ingredient to prevent cavity) to work. Even 500 B.C, evidence shows people brush with toothpaste! It is about total brushing time per day than scrubbing action. Tooth is like fine porcelain dinner plate rather than cooking pot. There is not much to scrub. You don't need real hard brush at all. And total time needed everyday is to pass 4 minutes every day. So, most people are underbrushing and has chance to get cavity. Literal meaning of cavity is "hole". Cavity is a hole in the tooth surface like hole on the roof of your house.

What's wrong with "I don't have a pain"? Tooth is like an apple. The hardest part is the outside/skin. It take very long time to break through the skin. Sometimes, I see that the germ/cavity takes 5- 10 years to break through the skin/outside part. But, once the outside is broken, it is very fast for germ to spread inside. Just like apple has soft inside and hollow core, tooth is weaker inside and once the germ goes to hollow inside, it is the dreaded root canal time. The problem is when the germ is on the skin, you are NOT supposed to feel or see. Once the germ goes past skin, you will know pain/sensitivity. But often then the filling to fix it is not small but medium/large. Worst yet, if left alone (remember it is soft and does'nt take it long time to spread to hollow inside), it will get infected and you will know for sure. Sometimes, it only takes few month to go to the hollow inside. In other words, from the pain you notice to root canal time is not that long time to develope.

So, smaller the filling, you wouldn't know by yourself. That is why smaller the filling, you need more dentist's trust. Larger the filling, less you need dentist's trust but need more dentist's technique. Because when you notice pain, "you know, I know, and whole world know there is a problem". You don't need a dentist to tell you there is a problem. The problem is that it is often too late.

J.F.K said that the best time to fix the roof is when the Sun is shining. The best time to fix cavity is when you don't have any pain whatsoever. As much as you don't like to go to dentist, consequence of not going is a disaster waiting to happen. You don't have an option. You MUST have a dentist to go to regularly.

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