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Secret Of Keeping Your Teeth Forever!

How do I keep my teeth forever? That is the ultimate question in dentistry. Unfortunately, most people have no idea. Also, the truth is little puzzling at first. After all, there are only two ways to keep your teeth forever. One is to live really short. In the past, that is what most people end up living. For example, people used to live only about sixty or seventy years. J.S. Bach lived 65 years. Shakespear lived 52. Now, most people have a potential to live twenty more years than that. The problem is that teeth will not be there when you get to that age. Why is it? Because bone, not tooth, gets lost sooner than we want it to be.

Second way to keep teeth forever, is to lose your bone very slowly. How slow it has to be? It is about losing one millimeter per 10 years. Unfortunately, though, the losing rate for most people is two millimeter per 10 years. Here is worse news for you. You can not help by your own effort to slow the bone losing process. Underneath the tooth is where the stone-like material is growing/ building up. Hence the name build up is another name for the tartar. Mostly, your gum and bone is receding away from the stone/tartar. Problem is you can not reach deep enough to clean the area where the stone gets building up. That is why it is called "deep cleaning". Brushing is not even reach all of your teeth because gums are covering the end of tooth. Flossing is little better reaching to the end of tooth. But the main purpose of flossing is for you to see if you have gum bleeding/gingivitis or not. When you have bleeding gum, it provides more fuel to accumulate the tartar underneath the tooth. Threfore, more bleeding gum might mean that your gum and bone recedes faster than ideal rate.

In summary, it is not your own cleaning that will save your teeth, but your willingness to bring yourself to get cleaning where you can never get to. You are saved not by your effort but by your desire.

Here is my last point: Even the worst thing for your teeth has some positive attributes in it. After all, everything in life is not black and white. In reality, good and bad often mixed. One positive attribute of the tartar is to numb the area where you are most sensitive. So, when the stone gets stuck under your tooth and root area, you actually feel better with tartar. Therefore, when you remove it, you remove the positive aspects of tartar. Consequently, you feel temporarily more sensitive than before becauase you don't have the numbing agent stuck anymore. So, just as it is not strange to feel sore after workout, sensitivity is a sign that you are cleaner than ever. Soon the stone gets accumulate again and then your sensitivity will go away. 

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