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What Motivates Me As A Dentist?

Seeing great dentists motivate me. Just like any field, in dentistry, there are some good ones, some bad ones, and some great ones. I'd like to learn from the best and try to copy what they have been successful for years of practicing dentistry. . . Peter Dawson, John Kois, L.D. Pankey, Cathy Jameson, Linda Miles, etc. If I've ever been good, that's because I try to stand on the shoulder of those dental giants. As Dr. Dick Barnes said, I am trying to be a better dentist every year. 

Similarly, as a young associate dentist, that's what I absorbed like sponge when I work with Dr. Anthony A. for a year and half. One day, when he put me aside and said, "I have seen your work and mostly you. . . You are a good guy. . . I am tired now, but I have made it. As you can see, we have wonderful patients come here, some rich, some poor, some smart, some working family. Just right mix. Just do as I have done in here, and you will be successful. . . Buy this practice from me. . . Who in the right mind would say no to that propostion? When a King hands you the key to the kingdom, how would anyone not take it? I said, "Yes. I will. Thanks Dr. A." That was seven years ago.

Just like a son tries to make his own mistake/life, I have tried and learned some more along the way. Even though I really miss the days that I worked along with him, I would do the same thing of being independent if I ever do it all over again.

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